If you take typhography, stillimages, graphic elements, audio and video. Then mix and animate them together, the end result becomes motion graphics. That’s why I love motion graphics so much. It’s a kind of endless creative collage technique. It’s a limitless artform that evolves all the time. It’s a moving experiment.

Already in filmschool in the late 1990’s I became inspired by motion graphics. I was stunned by for example Kyle Coopers wonderful movie title sequence work (Se7en and hundreds of more). In the world of motion graphics you can combine analogue techniques with digital. You can make stop motion. You can combine two dimensional graphics with three dimensional graphics. It’s all great. I have been working with motion graphics for over twenty years. And my work has involved intro title sequences for TV-shows and webb, TV-commercials, documentaries, explanation videos, so called “infographics”, visual events and social media posts. My main working tool is Adobe After Effects combined with many plug-ins.

Video Editing Examples