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Motion Graphics

If you take typhography, stillimages, graphic elements, audio and video. Then mix and animate them together, the end result becomes motion graphics. That’s why I love motion graphics so much. It’s a kind of endless creative collage technique. It’s a limitless artform that evolves all the time.

Video Editing

My personal interest in editing is mostly that I have the pleasure of combining film footage with great music and sound design. Three of my favorite things in one holy constellation. As an editor you must have a good understanding of timing and rhythm.

Music Composing

I love music. I love synthesizers. I love music when I edit, and make motion graphics, it has always been a passion. In the later years I have had the possibility to create music for film and TV. Mostly for the commercial industry.

Director Of Photography

I sometimes like working as DOP. I love filming and trying to get nice and creative shoots. It’s also easier sometimes to shoot your production, when it comes to telling a story. You can in that way, carefully plan every shoot you will need when you later edit and create special effects and motion graphics.